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We welcome puppies under 5 months old to visit with the kids for an hour on Sundays !

We refer to this activity as " Puppy Pals" where children spend time with puppies under supervision.

If you are interested in sharing your puppy with our kids , please contact: carol.dogability@gmail.com

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DogAbility is a ground breaking canine program for both kids and adults with and without special needs!

Some of our activities are inclusive and allow participants to share experiences while other activities are designed with a specific individual or group in mind.

AAA - Animal-assisted activities like DogAbility, provide opportunities for motivation, education, or recreation to enhance quality of life. Animal assisted activities are delivered in a variety of environments by specially trained professionals, paraprofessionals, or volunteers in association with animals that meet specific criteria.

DogAbility provides an interactive, canine-assisted activities program to a wide variety of children and adults. We typically have individuals register for sessions but we can also accomodate groups of 8 or more, as with scout groups or friends and family members who would enjoy some "Dog Time".

These individuals are paired with a skilled team of handlers, dogs and professionals in various areas of canine training and therapeutic experience.  We do this by combining fundamental elements of canine sports such as found in Agility, Rally O and Noseworks. We also offer activities like reading to dogs, a puppy play group, walks with dogs as well as quiet one-one-one visits.

We welcome volunteers from many areas as well as HS and College community service students and interns. Besides fulfilling their graduation requirements or perhaps a Mitzvah project, they may also benefit by a “hands on” experience at DogAbility that relate to social work, special education as well as behavior and dog training, and may inspire them as well as help build their resume for continuing education and employment opportunities.

In our DogAbility program we only use qualified dogs that are assisted by skilled handlers who have completed our handler education course. We also welcome pet families who would like to prepare their dogs for therapy work in DogAbility activities as well as in other settings.

Our dogs are registered THERAPY DOGS ~ they are not SERVICE DOGS ~ which means they DO NOT have public assess rights as is the case with Service Dogs. Service dogs are trained to perform specific tasks for a disabled person and must accompany that person everywhere in order for that person to function. Therapy dogs are pet dogs that are trained to have good manners and who visit with people who will benefit by their company for a little while and then they return home with their owner.

FAKE Service Dogs on the rise 

IMPORTANT Definitions of therapy dogs and service/assistance dogs