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for Canine-Assisted Activities

153 S Broadway Hicksville, NY 11801
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Private/Group Sessions

SADIEngage with dogs who run, jump, ring bells, find balls and more.

Dog Training Sessions

Our training sessions prepare you and your dog for therapy work as well as AKC Certifications.

Canine Care and Education Clinics

Learn about choosing the right dog, preparing for a new puppy, behavior, training and canine sports. 

Canine Literacy Partners

girl reading to dogProfessional instructors help your child build confidence without judgement. 

Doggie & Me

Mommy and Me sessions with our dogs and your preschooler.

Pooch Parties

christopherParty with LIVE DOGS! Participate with our gentle, loving dogs in a variety of fun and games.


dogsmartChildren are introduced to canine behavior, training, nutrition, care and management.

Fear of Dogs

fear of dogsWe take the tension out of human-dog interactions.


scoutsScout groups may attend a session as a social outing, or in order to earn a merit badge.

Please Donate!

power of 10Please help us stay warm this winter by contributing $10 towards our heating costs!

Whether you are a volunteer or a participant, we believe that being with our dogs will help to lift your spirit and heal your soul dog paw logo

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